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The rubber weather strip that provides a door seal keeps the wire from getting pinched. If the trailer connector needs to be mounted under the vehicle, we offer many different mounting brackets that will help to protect the connector and keep it from dangling beneath the vehicle.

The T-One connectors and hardwire kits all use a 4-pole trailer connector. This connector is most common among the smaller utility trailers and can easily be adapted to match the larger 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole styles. Using an adapter lets you avoid having to splice into the vehicle's wiring system. Adapters will plug into the flat 4-pole connector and have wire leads to provide additional functions such as powering trailer brakes, power lead for utility lights, reverse, or auxiliary power for a winch or tools. If your vehicle or trailer is equipped with something other than a 4-way plug, such as the larger 7-way round plug, you can use our adapter fitguide to find the one that is right for your vehicle and trailer.

If you have a Modulite powered converter , Converter, or T-One connector that is not working properly, you need to use a circuit tester to determine the source of the problem.

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When too many amps are drawn through the converter box, it can be shorted out. The possible causes are:. If you find some, but not all, lighting functions work properly you may have a ground problem. In this situation a weak ground is just strong enough to provide some lighting functions but not all. When the taillights and brake lights are used at the same time, it creates the maximum amp load of the lights on the trailer. If a ground problem exists, it will show at this point. The places to check grounds are as follows:.

If you purchased your wiring harness from etrailer. By law trailers are required to have at least running lights, turn signals, and brake lights. To provide the power and a connection for these functions, the tow vehicle's electrical system needs to be tapped into. There are two options available for connecting to your vehicle's electrical system, a plug in style T-One connector or a custom selected hardwire kit.

The easiest way to make this connection is with the use of a T-One Connector , which comes with OEM style connections that simply plug into your vehicle's existing wiring harness, typically near the rear of the vehicle or by the tail lights. Sometimes the vehicle manufacturer will run the wires to an easily accessible plug underneath the vehicle or behind the paneling in the back cargo area. T-Ones come pre-wired with a 4-way flat trailer connection and can be expanded to 5-way, 6-way, or 7-way trailer connections through the use of a wiring adapter.

I have been blinking them manually. It could be that your flasher is overloaded with having to power the extra lights on the RV. Is it a factory wiring package, or is it running off the truck turn signal circuitry? We have a vintage Shasta travel trailer and reused the original Stop, Tail, Turn Lights one bulb assembly — we rewired as original, however when lights are turned on, you can barely see the brake or turn signal light functions.

When the lights are turned off , you can clearly see the brake and turn signal light functions. Some of those old travel trailers used to have a separate ground going from the frame of the trailer to the body, especially if it has a wood frame body structure. I was walking out to my trailer which I used last week and the rear light was on in the taillight on the side. Just the one bulb. It is a Wells Cargo enclosed trailer.

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The taillight is a wrap around style led that Wells Cargo uses. The trailer is not hooked up to the truck just the on board battery. I found the replacement taillight which is a sealed unit online. Could it be it it something else?

The 12v terminal in a 7-way plug is right next to the right turn terminal. Perhaps a loose wire in the plug or some corrosion between the terminals could cause this problem. I have an older trailer that I upgraded to LED lights. When connected to the tow vehicle but NOT on the hitch….. As soon I put the trailer on the ball…..

What am I missing? So, I think I would remove the lights one at a time, beginning with the tail lights, and look for a wire pinched behind one of the lights during installation. Every time you remove a light, re-hitch to figure out if one of them is causing the problem.

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With aluminum open car trailer all hooked up with 7 prong connector I am getting tail lights but no flashers or brakes. With a multi-tester I have voltage at the truck plug, and voltage at the trailer light ends for the turn signals, but when I plug the bulbs in — nothing! If I put the multi-tester on the brass contact when the bulb is plugged in — also nothing. With the bulb out — current. Something about plugging the bulb in is stopping the signals from working.

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New bulbs, contacts clean and not touching, everything looks normal. BTW, the taillights are getting about 9.