Guinea pig matchmaking

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Matchmaking can be tricky. There are a couple great resources we refer to often when doing this: Cavy Spirit's Social Life webpage.

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We're still learning as we go. We really like feedback from people who have adopted a companion piggy from us for their piggy to know how things went once they got home.

We encourage people to bring their guinea pig to our home where we can take time introducing the guinea pigs to see who might get along. We'll share a few of our observations here that we've seen that might help you. We recommend that you meet our piggies and pick out your favorite of ours first - and then we'll try introducing this one to your piggy.

We've noticed that some piggies, if the first match doesn't work, are a bit agitated and start off the next pairing a little out of sorts. So if you pick your favorite first and it works out fine, you have someone you both like. We pair lots of males together and females together.

Why it's illegal to own one guinea pig in Switzerland

Many people come here convinced that all males fight and it simply isn't true. We've had some wonderful pairs of males that got along great and made great pets.

Guinea Pigs! What, Where, How

As a result, the sudden death of a guinea pig, shocking enough in itself, can also place the hapless owners outside the law if they only had two of the pets. Without her rent-a-guinea pig service, the owner would have to purchase a new, probably younger guinea pig as a companion to the ageing survivor, whose eventual death would force the purchase of yet another guinea pig, locking the owner into an endless cycle of guinea pig purchases in order to adhere to Swiss law -- even though he or she may only ever have wanted one guinea pig in the first place.

She got her first guinea pig when she was two years old and has been breeding them since she was 12 -- both short-haired and Abyssinian guinea pigs with twirly hair.

Thinking of Getting a Guinea Pig? Better Get Two

In effect, she sells the animals but pays back half the purchase price when they are returned. The job of the leased rodents is to cheer up companions in their twilight years.

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