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We are always looking for inexpensive date ideas. One of my favorite most recent dates was baking cookies blindfolded! My husband and I love to go to high school football games.

Year of Dates From The Dating Divas

Your email address will not be published. Picnic — either in your living room, a place with a pretty view or in an interesting place grassy knoll in the middle of a roundabout? Laying out a picnic instantly makes any dinner a little more fun! Teach each other skills. How to play an instrument or decorate a cake, bowhunting skills… computer hacking skills….

Have a movie night with a theme — challenge each other to bring the worst movie ever made, the best musical, etc. For worst movie ever made I recommend Mega Shark vs. If you have snow, play in it! Go sledding, make a non-traditional snow man, have a snowball fight!

Cheap Date Ideas!

Make a special candle-lit dinner and play a two-person board game. Have a culturally-themed date where you serve traditional food and learn about another culture and the way they celebrate or date! Add in a movie that takes place in that specific country, or a documentary about the culture.

Go to the bookstore!

10 Fun & Romantic Dinner-Date Night IN Ideas

Read magazines together, find books about places you want to travel together, etc. Have a Wii tournament! Wii sports or Just Dance are super fun to play on a date. Have a movie night with one basic theme like Nacho Night: Watching the movies and eating Light Saber Pops. Go ice blocking slide down big hills on a large block of ice — bring towels to lay on the ice or your bum will get very cold!

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Put three or four ideas for dinner, activities, and dessert in unmarked envelopes and pick one at random each time you finish with the last task. Get cheap, plain white tees from the store and decorate them with sharpies or paint. Stencils are helpful or you can just wing it! Make ice cream sculptures out of cheap, very frozen ice cream. Add toppings for details and then eat them after you show off your creations. Take a dance class together. Sometimes community centers offer these free for first-timers.

Go roller skating on disco night at your local rink. See who can do the best tricks by the end of the night. Stay at home and play table tennis or go bowling.

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Go people watching at a crowded place like a fair, movie theater, monster truck rally, etc. Visit antique shops and thrift stores and compete to find the funniest, rarest or oldest items. Buy flowers or balloons and give them to people on the street who look like they need cheering up.

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Go to an art gallery, museum or exhibit in town. Many of these have local or student discounts. Build something with Legos. If you need an idea I would like to see a life-sized lego cat. Make bucket lists together and try to cross one off that night. This could potentially give you tons more date ideas. Now, as an authority on all things romance, the Dating Divas have launched a text-based service called the Minute Marriage Challenge. This service will send married women, men, and couples weekly romantic ideas that take only a few minutes to complete.

The Dating Divas team firmly believes all it takes is a few minutes a day to make your partner smile and remind him or her why you fell in love in the first place. The Dating Divas blog began as a dating project among friends. Tara Carson wanted to bring some fun back into her marriage, so she challenged her married friends to join her in brainstorming and executing a series of creative date ideas.

Their dating project was a great success, and it soon expanded into a comprehensive website where women can now find everything from anniversary gift recommendations to marriage counseling programs. Today, over 20 married women on the staff work together to develop cutting-edge resources that can help couples keep their love alive for years to come. The Dating Divas is a marriage-oriented blog with over , followers on social media. In addition to its DIY lists or self-help programs, the Dating Divas recently launched a text-based service to inspire husbands and wives to take care of each other and express love in a variety of ways.

The Minute Marriage Challenge is basically a three-month love calendar with a romantic to-do list updated via text. The Dating Divas send subscribers simple, actionable ideas to show affection and create romance in their daily lives. As the name implies, these challenges should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, yet they can make a world of difference in a marriage.

Melissa Hunt, Assistant Site Director for the Dating Divas, said the team has received great feedback on the text service so far, and it has actually sold out.