Early stages dating uncertainty

Expand yourself to include BOTH the deep love you are experiencing with your new partner and the fears, concerns and questions that abound. These questions are part of the dating process. Focus on the now as much as possible.

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Instead of future-thinking, focus on what is good and wonderful about your relationship, right now. Be in a mood of appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful experiences you ARE sharing together. Speak them out loud to each other. This practice will soothe your fears. When you are afraid, feel, own and share your feelings.

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  • Early Stages of Dating;
  • 1. Acknowledge that it sucks.!
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Instead of asking future questions that instill doubt and fear, ask questions that instill joy, confidence and hope. Where can I be more honest and transparent? How would I be if I trusted the perfect unfolding of this relationship? How would I be if I knew this was my perfect partner or a divinely inspired step towards my perfect partner? Participating in activities and engaging in practices that keep you feeling good about yourself are crucial.

This Is The Problem With The ‘Uncertainty’ Stage Of Any Relationship

They will help you stay centered and expand your emotional capacity to deal with the uncertainty inherent in the initial phases of courtship. Lastly, know that your questions will get answered over time. The old adage, Time Will Tell, has great truth. You need only trust this fact and wait patiently. Be sure to revel in the bliss and wonder of your relationship in the meantime!